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Ultrasonic washing machine Volcano

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Present to your attention an ultrasonic washing machine Volcano.

Miniature plastic disk that fits in the palm graceful women, able to wash the same clothes as the small-sized washing machine, and uses electricity to tens of times smaller than an ordinary light bulb, and hundreds of times smaller than old snaps unit the size of a bathroom floor.

Even if you are a happy owner of an automatic washing machine, silly "fireman" her because of the small handful of clothes!. So, dear women and men, wives and husbands, housewives and inveterate bachelors in a word, everyone who wants to save time and effort on the most dreary household chores laundry, rejoice!. Now you do not have every day with longing look at a pile of clothes in anticipation of hours of "X", if you have it - ULTRASONIC WASHING MACHINE 

Machines Volcano - miniature device that erases using acoustic oscillations (which are invisible to your eyes penetrate between the fibers of fabrics and removes impurities). The whole process of washing done without your participation. You just pour hot water, clothes, pour a powder, put on the bottom of the tank plastic disc and connect the power supply device to the network. EVERYTHING!. You are free!. 
After some time, will only have to rinse clothes smelling fresh. This device is a child of conversion, is capable of performing miracles, who can not afford any of the washing machine in the world! (Even the super-automatic).

The device is not only to wash clothes, but also destroys all pathogenic bacteria, viruses, protozoa microorganisms. Cavitation effect kills the entire flora, which is important when washing underwear.

Ultrasonic washing machine is indispensable if we are dealing with products made from wool, silk, jersey, etc. In this case, the fabric does not wear out, because no friction (like hand washing) and torsion (in the case of automatic). And one more advantage!. If you forget that you wash in full swing, it does not matter.
The unit does not burn and does not wound you extra kilowatt-hours, just underwear will become even clearer. Due to low power devices (consumes 15 W), life was not limited. And this miracle weighs just 200 g.! Now, going to any trip (to the cottage, on a business trip), you can take a washing machine, just put it in your pocket!.

Brief information on the ultrasound device, "Volcano"

Unlike traditional washing machines, "Volcano" erases using acoustic vibrations, which cause a mild detergent solution, the cavitation phenomenon. In the detergent solution when the machine alternate zones of low and high blood pressure. In the area of low pressure produced a huge amount of invisible microbubbles (about one million in a drop), which if it enters the zone of high pressure burst, creating micromotions fluid that produces a separation of dirt from the fabric.
In addition, cavitation provides 100% figure disinfect the laundry at an initial temperature of not lower than +65 ° C.
Mechanical washing only removes the dirt from the surface of tissue, whereas cavitation effect can dislodge dirt and a thick fabric.

The device is patented in 25 countries in Europe, Asia and America.

A few general words 

In the second half of XX century, especially the rapid development in science and technology purchased items related to the concept of "ultrasound". Its application covers a frequency range of audible sound, to the maximum achievable high frequencies, and a range of capacities - from a fraction of milliwatts to tens of kilowatts. With this concept today involve the whole field of modern physics, industrial technology, information and measurement technology, medicine, biology, and appliances.

Based on a variety of effects of ultrasound on the substance and materials formed whole technological direction - ultrasound technology.
They were in demand not only in science, technology and medicine, but also in everyday life.

In particular, based on ultrasound technology was created an amazing device - an ultrasound device for washing and disinfection "Volcano", the production company "GM - Pharma", Bulgaria, Sofia.

Basics of ultrasound technology, disinfection and deodorization human ear can perceive sound waves of certain frequencies. Sound vibrations frequency of more than 15000 Hz are not perceived by the human ear, but they have very interesting properties and produce different physical phenomena. They are called ultrasonic vibrations.
When the propagation of ultrasonic waves in a liquid arises the phenomenon of cavitation.

Cavitation - a physical phenomenon of microscopic bubbles in a liquid under the influence of ultrasonic waves.
These bubbles are moving in the direction of propagation of ultrasonic waves, creating mikropotoki that reaching a barrier, burst and create the effect of "microexplosion.
These "microexplosion" knock mud particles from the surface of objects or between the fibers of fabrics.
These phenomena are used in industrial installations ultrasound cleaning the surfaces of critical parts. They were developed by Soviet scientists have military-industrial complex.
The second important physical phenomenon that occurs during the propagation of ultrasonic waves in a liquid - is the formation of ozone in the zone of cavitation, which is the active derivative of oxygen. Ozone kills all germs and bacteria present in our water, thus disinfects and deodorizes it.
And, finally, the third important physical phenomenon - this is the effect of structuring of water. The people have long been structured water called "living" water.

The technological basis for the generation of ultrasound

To create an ultrasound vibrations applied electromechanical devices that convert electrical energy into ultrasound using piezoelectric ceramic materials. Generator is an ultrasound vibration plate of pezomateriala, supplied with the alternating voltage a certain size and shape.
In devices for washing and disinfection of the supply voltage is 12 volts and is safe for humans.

What is an ultrasonic washing machine?

KM washing machine consists of a generator of ultrasound vibration, pressed in a special shock-resistant and resistant to aggressive environments plastics, and the adapter - a source of electric current.

When the cars in the washing solution, the following events occur:

Education microbubbles.
Movement microbubbles to the surface of contaminated laundry.
Collapse (microexplosions) bubbles on the surface of underwear and knocking dirt particles from the surface of tissue in an aqueous solution of detergent, washing powder that helps to penetrate clothes.
Further works himself powder, allowing mud particles sits back on the cleaned surface tissue. Education derivative of oxygen - ozone, which disinfects and deodorizes clothes.

Thus, we have a unique device weighing less than 200 grams, which includes a grid 220 volts and consumes 15 watts.
This washing machine allows for 1 hour to wash and disinfect 1,5-2,0 kg of dry laundry using water temperature from room temperature to 90 ° C;. This machine can be used at home, as well as indispensable in the country, on a business trip and leisure.
Interest in ultrasound and ultrasound technology are increasing, thanks to its penetration into various areas of human activity.

The advantages of ultrasonic washing machine Volcano

Purchasing a device for washing and disinfection "Volcano"
You get when you use a number of advantages:
Erasable things are not deformed, because there is no mechanical friction (hand washing) and rotation (normal washing machine). This is a very big advantage in the case of washing fine fabrics, knitted fabrics and lace and woolen goods. 100% nd disinfection of fabrics when washing!. It can not ensure that no washing machine in the world!. You all can forget about the boiling washed linen. Your things will not fade, and erasers will not be deformed. After washing, things get a special softness and freshness.


Line voltage - 220 V
Power consumption - less than 15 W
Main sound frequency emitter - 7,2 - 8,0 kHz
Main ultrasonic frequency
acoustic oscillations of piezoceramic radiator - about 28.0 kHz
Weight - less than 200 grams.
Duration of work - unlimited

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